Using the wee my website designer plaatform

Hello everybody and today we are going to be talking to you about how to use the Weebly website designer platform. This is one that is very simple to use and a lot of people are using it these days to make websites. It is the one we would recommend that you guys use when you are getting started on designing websites.

Weebly is so easy to use because of its drag and drop interface. There is no other website designing platform quite like this one because they are not as easy to use.  Weebly makes their interface very simple by just having little icons that you drag-and-drop into the menu. The other platforms have a coding interface that is intertwined with their drag and drop which makes it very complicated. There are certain field you have to fill out and things like that to get it to work. We believe is getting so much better these days as well  because of the customization they have.  Used to be a website builder that was not as good because they didn’t have as much customization is anybody else. But they are turning into the best because they have some of the best customization now.  It is almost like you can create your own coded custom website from scratch without having to do any of the tedious work. Somebody who has half a brain could learn how to create a website on Weebly, it is that easy.

If you are looking for a website builder that is going to let you pump outside faster than you could even imagine, then we believe is the one to use. It is the perfect platform for somebody that wants to create multiple websites in a very short period of time. So if you are the type of person that is getting client after client then you should definitely go with Weebly. You will be able to create professional and clean websites that  your clients would love.    And when you are a website designer, time is of the essence because the more that you can get it done, the more money you were going to make. If you can get five Weibley website starting the same time that it takes to get one coat inside done you’re going to make a lot more money.

A website on we believe won’t always be the same as coding your own, but it is pretty darn close. We have to hand it to them when it comes to you how good they can make a website look. this website building platform used to not be the greatest one out there. They had very glitchy templates and their websites did not look very sleek in the slightest. They have really done a lot in the past couple years to really improve  The way their websites look. When going in the platform, you will be able to choose from a variety of templates that are very cool ones. You can even create your own template if you want to.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for the easiest website builder that is fast and efficient, then you should definitely use Weebly because it will get the job done.

Heres a video that shows you how to create a weebly website so that you guys know how to.

More in-depth search engine optimization tactics

Forum commenting

Last time we talked about some of the very in-depth search engine optimization tricks and tactics you can use to rank your website on the top of Google. What we taught you about what’s the most powerful ones you could use. On the downside these ones are very expensive to do because a good expired domain can run you about $150 and then your time to build it and a good guest post will run you about  $200. In this post we are going to be teaching you about some less powerful but still highly effective techniques you can use if you are sort of on a budget or looking for that extra little pump on your website. The things that we have the Cici will be below and we will go in depth about them like last time.

More advanced SEO tactics

 Forum commenting-commenting is a very good way to get some fast acting search engine rankings to your website. The only downfall of this is that it takes a lot of time and you need to do a bunch of it for it to be effective. This is where you go onto forms related to the niche that your website is in and you  call meant on those forum posts looking for a place to post eight to follow link to your site. This can be very  hard because most of the time you’re not going to find any good places to post a link to your website. So most of your time is going to be spent looking for places to post them but when they do it is really going to pay off.  We recommend that you do 5 to 10 a day until you are ranked.

Blog commenting– this is another thing that is very similar to the last one we just talk to you about except that you are commenting on blogs to look for a place to put your link. You want to try and look for blogs that are related to the niche that your website is about. You don’t just want to go to random blog because if you do that this can be a very negative S EO tactic to your site in Google’s eyes and they will blacklist you for it. They see this as sort of a cheating form of search engine optimization. Google is only looking for organic looking search optimization tactics.

The copycat method-to do this trick you’re going to need a subscription to S EM rush and know how to use their tools to look at other high authority websites and what is working for them. What we mean by a higher authority website is not necessarily one in your industry our niche but the first page ranking for any local term. So it could be DUI lawyers for all we care. What you do is you take the rush tools and you going to the back end of their website and look at all of the back links they have. Do you want to look for websites that are ranking high with minimal back links. And if those back links are what is driving them to the top, then we recommend that you get your name on those websites as well. Most of the time they will just be directories that let you post a do follow link on their site.  What you do is you take the rush tools and you going to the back end of their website and look at all of the back links they have. Do you want to look for websites that are ranking high with minimal back links. And if those back links are what is driving them to the top, then we recommend that you get your name on those websites as well. Most of the time they will just be directories that let you post a do follow link on their site. That could be a free link right there that get you right to the top of Google. The way we recommend that you do these is that you do one a day until you are ranked number one for the search term.

We hope that you liked what we had to share with you today about more search engine optimization tactics. Likewise as always, be sure to comment on out post and tell us how you feel. Also, make sure to go to to take a couple courses and learn seo really in depth.

The top website building platforms to use


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Hey people, and today we are going to be talking to you about the difference between using a website building platform and coding a website. We are also then going to go over what are the top website building platforms to use.
Coding has always been a great thing because it gives you full customization of a website. That is something that you cannot get with a website builder but it is still pretty good. The takeaways from both of these are that coding is more customizable, but a website builder streamlines the process of building a website. So if you are a business owner that does not have much time on your hands or you are an agency that needs to get a lot of these done, then a building platform is the way to go for you. We would recommend a website builder drag-and-drop like Weebly because it is very simple to use. Speaking of that that brings us into our next topic of conversation which is the top three building platforms.
Top website building platforms
Weebly-Weebly is perhaps the easiest website building platform to use because the fact that it is simply drag and drop and there is no HTML required to create a website. This one can create stunning websites at a very fast pace. Once you get really good at it, you can create a website in less than a day if you’re good at writing content as well. You can literally piece a website together within a couple hours. The part that takes the longest is writing the content for it. One take away that you were going to get from this is that it will not be as high-quality as some of the other website builders, but the take away from those is that they are harder to use. You will not get fully customizable templates but we believe is constantly updating their servers to add more customization each and every month. They are going to take over as the best website building platform out there as they were the first one to ever get started. All in all this is a great one to use and we definitely recommend that anybody use it because it is the easiest learning curve out of the top three we are showing you.

Square space-this one is a a HTML5-based website building platform that is a little more complex than Weebly as it’s drag-and-drop but not as easy. This one has a lot more customization though. Think of it as you being able to coach your own website without having to code. Templates are left at about 95% customization and just Decour you cannot change. That’s already pre-coded for you so you can’t mess with it. This one will create the most stunning website you have ever seen in your life because that it is run by HTML. This is the type of website building platform you will use for high profile clients and things like that if you are an agency. It is going to take quite some time to piece together a site, but we definitely recommend 20 if you’re creating a more expensive side. On square space is going to allow you to do things like video backdrops and photo scrolling in the background and things like that. That is not something that you can do with Weebly yet but they are constantly updating their servers to get to where that is. It is not easy for a website builder to do that him and that is why we recommend you recommend you go for this one for those reasons. All in all this is a great one too, but the only downside is that you will not be able to put websites up as efficiently as the others. That is not said that you can’t get faster with practice. It could be that you’re just as fast as the other ones if you practice on this one just enough.

We hope that you liked our post and we are always looking for feedback.

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The website design blog

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Hello everybody and welcome to the blog that is all about website design. Inside this blog we are going to be teaching you about how to create a website step-by-step. We will teach you how to create websites on platforms like Weebly, square space, Sitey,  and many more. We also know a little bit about coding so if you want to add your own personal flare you can. The truth about things is that you do not really need to know how to code these days so it makes creating a website a lot easier. When you have an awesome HTML platform like square space, it makes creating a website very simple. With these  building platforms it also allows you to create very stunning websites at a fast pace. When you have drag-and-drop and you get really good at it, you could create a website in a day.

It is very important to have online presence these days because that is the number one way you are going to grow your brand. We recommend that business owners  read the content in this blog because you will be able to learn a lot and save much money by not having to pay a professional to do it for you. Creating and ranking websites is something that is easy to do, but you just need somebody to show you how. That is where we come in and that is why we are the number one blog for doing so. We are also experts on how to rank websites on the first page of Google. We will be giving  in-depth tutorials on how to do everything.  So make sure to stay tuned to find the best information around.

Please take a chance to look at this video that explains the basics of website design and SEO.

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